"Janna" at Härnösand Art Gallry, from 17 March to 14 April


A evening in november 2007 my friend Jan called me and said; Eva, now i have decided, i am going to change sex!
That conversation was the beginning of my project "Janna" that i have been working with for six yers. It is a story of, among other things, identity, desire to be yourself and loning for love.

This project has become a photo exhibition that was shown at Landskrona Museum, Sweden from 15 of Februari to 26 of April 2015. "Janna" has also become a short film shown in the house of parliament in Stockholm in November 2015. Now the exhibition is shown at the Härnösand Art Gallery in Hörnösand, Sweden from 17 March to 14 April 2018.

In december 2017 "Janna" also became a book; "Janna - Ett liv i två världar" and I'am so happy that its now out in the bookstores on internet

Book: Garden winter

This autumn comes the second edition of ”Wintergarden”, which I made with author Sanna Töringe. It is published by Nature & Culture publisher and beautifully disigned by Marina Mattsson.
The book is about the garden in winter. From the very last flowers in September and the first snowdropps in March.