One evening in November 2007 calling my friend Jan:
- Eva now I have decided, I'm going to change sex! "
That phone call was the beginning of my story about Janna and her way to a sex change from man to woman.
The courage to dare to deviate from the norm and determination to fight to get to be yourself, to any cost, are key drivers that I wanted to explore and illuminate through my pictures. The story is, among other things, about identity, striving to be yourself and longing for love. It is also about loneliness, a loneliness that comes from not fitting in and always having to play a role in being accepted.
The images have been shown in solo exhibition ”Janna” at Landskrona Museum, Sweden 2015. The same year "Janna" also became a short film that was shown in the Hous of Parliament in Stockholm.
In december 2017 "Janna" also became a book "Janna - Ett liv i två världar" and I'am so happy that its now out in the bookstore at internet.